Solar Plus Hawaiian Energy Ahupua'a

At Solar Plus, Inc we believe there is a parallel of energy design with the Hawaiian resource management system of the Ahupua'a.  Just as the Hawaiians created a self-supporting food independent district, so should energy be created and distributed within districts to best protect and manage our resources both locally and globally for the present, and most importantly, for our future.  Energy from local renewable resources should be traded through an existing grid beginning with homes and businesses that are both energy and food positive.  

Each district would maximize available renewable energy and storage including solar electric, solar hot water, micro wind, hydro, and solar pump storage hydro to trade energy in a broader smart grid system. This ahupua'a energy system would include electric transportation to ensure near energy independence and energy security for an island   Kauai is positioned be a model of a fundamental change to all grid energy systems. This new model will allow local control of energy, food, water and transportation.  The absence of centrally distributed energy and food is the future for overtaxed island and global ecosystems.

The Hawaiian Ahupua'a and Sustainability

“As the native Hawaiians used the resources within their 'ahupua'a (subdivided land by the kingdom), they practiced aloha (respect), laulima (cooperation), and malama (stewardship) which resulted in a desirable pono (balance). This is sound resource management where the interconnectedness of the clouds, the forests, the streams, the fishponds, the sea, and the people is clearly recognized.” -Carlos Andrade

Solar Plus and Kauai Environmental Stewardship

Solar energy is an abundant, reliable, clean source of energy which avoids many of the risks and detriments associated with traditional fossil fuels or atomic energy.  Harnessing the sun’s energy is accomplished without the use of fuel thirsty heavy machinery or millions of gallons of fresh water – a limited, life-sustaining natural resource.  Delivery of solar energy does not require more fuel for transportation.  Storing energy from the sun has no risk of leaking, spilling, or otherwise damaging natural lands.  Consumption of solar energy produces no carbon emissions and therefore does not contribute to climate change, a trend affecting the food and water supply on Kauai and worldwide. For companies and residents who choose to go solar with Solar Plus Inc, not only are they making a sound investment, they also demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, and a means to a more sustainable future for our island of Kauai.