Lumos Solar Panels

The revolutionary frameless solar module that has
bridged the gap between architecture and energy production.

GSX Module System Features



• Continuous glass surface

• Ultra durable

• Maximum efficiency


• Built in wireway

• Concealed junction boxes and conductors

• Weatherproofed

Whether you just want to update your PV power and add skylight, or maybe you need to cover and charge your electric car?  Lumos is the intelligent and attractive way to create covered space and power in the 21st century.

kauai solar roof attached to house.jpg

Let Solar Plus show you the smart alternative energy, Lumos, in its most beautiful and functional form!

Featured Lumos Solar Project is a residential home in Kilauea, Hawaii with 26 GSX modules.

kauai drone shot of solar residential.jpg
solar plus solar awning.jpg
Lumos Solar Trellis.jpg

Lumos Solar panels function as a great energy producing covered deck or covered parking area.

Eustatia_Island_Batcave_Exterior (1).jpg

Shown above and below are examples of Lumos Solar installations in The British Virgin Islands (not Solar Plus installations).

Eustatia_SolarPanels2 (1).jpg