microgrid Technology is here

Solar Plus has a brand new hybrid solar system utilizing PV, batteries, automation and is pre-approved by KIUC to take you off grid, but use the grid as backup. Our new off-grid systems allow you to put in as large a solar PV system as you need for your energy consumption. We use automation to prioritize the use of your new system. Our system allows you to add more PV or storage as your needs change, always with the grid as the back of the line. Solar Plus is the first company to on Kauai to use this technology. 

How does home and commericial microgrid work?

A microgrid refers to distributed energy resources and loads that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way; they can be connected to the main power grid, operate in “islanded” mode or be completely off-grid.

You can convert any current PV system to off-grid! It works by taking energy from your solar panels and storing the energy in batteries. 


Go off-grid today with our KIUC pre-approved hybrid Solar Plus storage systems! You can use the grid as the your backup!  It is combination of Sol-Ark 8 K inverter with Simpliphi batteries and our proprietary Automation. Watch the video below. 

Battery Inverters

A battery inverter is the core of a microgrid system providing you with AC power from the DC power of your panels. The Sol-Ark 8k inverter is top of line and highly recommended by Solar Plus.


The most cost effective & efficient inverter on the market. Provides independent home microgrid with direct car charging on electric vehicles available.

What are the benefits of microgrid on Kauai?

  • Go off grid, use the grid for back-up, and take control of what makes your energy and how you use it!

  • New long life lithium iron phosphate battery technology and automation has changed the game!

  • This is a new solar system so State and Federal tax credits apply!

Hawaii Commercial Microgrid

For our customers with commercial property, Solar Plus has scaled up the self-supply with grid backup.  Using cutting edge Discover Battery, Solar Plus, the leader in Zero export automation, and an Authorized Tesla Installer, can take your building off grid!  

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