Live SmartER & Greener

  • Be prepared and have power in an energy blackout while others are left without power.
  • End you dependence to the sometimes unreliable grid.
  • Take complete control of your energy!

Save Money

  • Save money with the current solar tax credits. 35% state tax credit and 30% federal tax credit for PV systems.
  • Your electricity bill will go down.
  • There is a 25 year guarantee for solar panels. What other product gives you a guarantee that long?

Help our planet 

  • Reduce your dependence on harmful fossil fuels.
  • Support clean energy.
  • Have the ability to charge your electric car with clean energy.


    Time is running out

    • Time is running out to qualify to sell back extra power your new solar system makes to KIUC!
    • Don't miss this MONEY SAVING opportunity before it phased out at the end of the year.